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EirGlide floating pontoon dry dock

Applications for EirGlide Pontoons

View the YouTube video below which shows just how simple it is to use the floating pontoons as a dry dock.


The applications for EirGlide Modular floating pontoons are varied, ranging from:

  • Drive-on docks for quick and safe embarkation and disembarkation (no wet feet)
  • Boat lift to store vessels out of the water
  • Jet ski storage
  • Emergency rescue work
  • Can be easily floated to new location
  • Compatible with existing Airfloat installations

The new EirGlide is designed for simplicity, with no need for rollers, pulleys or other gadgets or gizmos! Just drive on or reverse off.

The unique ballasting, simply by adding water to the end modules, creates a gentle curve. This curve allows the boat/RIB/jetski to float onto the EirGlide with no hard impact onto the first module. The trapezoid shape is designed to guide the boat/RIB/jetski easily onto the pontoon.

pontoon strap

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